Japanese Train and Steam Locomotive Tour is tailor made and gives you an opportunity to admire that relates deeply to fun.
Japanese Train and Steam Locomotive Tour is tailor made. Up to 10 participants , We will appreciate to assume coordination of your favorite journey.
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Trips by rail are very popular in Kyushu as there are plenty of railways such as the Shinkansen with various kinds of limited express trains running throughout the prefecture. As Kyushu is abundant with nature and has a rich history and culture as well as plenty of sights to see, here are some of the many places that you can visit along the westbound limited express route and longitudinal Kyushu Shinkansen route. Travelling on a unique railway makes your trip full of appeal.

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Steam locomotives give off a sense of nostalgia. Kyushu has train routes that you can take on sightseeing trains that are considered railroad treasures such as the "SL Hitoyoshi", which blows out smoke as it runs, and the awesome jet-black "Hayato no Kaze" limited express train. They stop by some of the best hot spring areas in southern Kyushu. Take a look at this luxurious trip where you can visit hot spring resorts while riding on these rare trains.

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